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Tennis Coach: a true vocation


Instilling your passion in others, sharing your knowledge, imparting your values, participating fully in your players’ development and leading them to the highest level… If this sounds like you, then you were made for a career in coaching!

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Career sheet: How do you become a tennis coach?

The prerequisites:

  • Be aged 18 or over

  • Hold a valid FFT (French Tennis Federation) licence 

  • Provide evidence of a Classification higher than or equal to 15/2

  • Hold a CQPET (Certificat de qualification professionnelle éducateur tennis, or professional tennis coach qualification certificate in English), and the PSC1 (first aid certificate)

 Tennis coach:

  •  Hold a qualification at the “Bac +2” (tertiary diploma) level or above (DEJEPS diplôme d’état de la jeunesse éducative populaire et du sport, i.e. a state diploma in public youth education and sport, tennis stream) or the “bac +3” (degree) level (DESJEPS diplôme d’état supérieur de la jeunesse éducative populaire et du sport option tennis, or higher state diploma in public youth education and sport, tennis stream)

  • Depending on the FFT (French Tennis Federation) and social cohesion


So that training is undertaken under optimal conditions, we offer candidates the opportunity to gain specific knowledge and enjoy a rich learning experience.

The content:

  • Intensive training (tennis, physical and mental) to achieve 15/2 or improve in ranking

  • Training in umpiring and umpires

  • Support in obtaining the obligatory CQPET (training provided by the Gard departmental committee)

  • Support in obtaining the obligatory PSC1 (prévention et secours civique, or prevention and civic aid level 1)

  • Teaching training on the ground, lead by a qualified coach to develop teaching experience

  • Dedicated preparation for the selection tests - written and oral tests (mock orals) - 60 hours completely focused on achieving success in the selection tests.

  • And an elective:

    • Competition coaching from one of the HDN Academy’s qualified coaches (match analysis, debriefing etc.)

    • 2 hours of English lessons per week

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DEJEPS training in a CREPS

Training can take place over 1 or 2 years at the candidate’s discretion.

It involves 700 Hours in a CREPS training centre and 500 Hours alternating between a club and an academy, within the framework of an apprenticeship contract or professional training contract.

The cost of this training is covered by an OPCO (Opérateur de Compétences, or Skills Body). For sports, AFDAS manages the arrangements for this training

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