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Becoming a world citizen


A unique life experience....

Setting off alone to study at an American university gives each candidate the chance to immerse themselves in American culture and become bilingual.

This experience promotes open mindedness and exceptional cultural, social and personal development.

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Coup de golf

Continuation of an intensive tennis pathway plus high level studies


Going to study at an American university provides an individual with the opportunity to take part in a prestigious American university championship. But it is also an opportunity to pursue an education in every field of study and immerse themself completely in preparation for their professional future.

Getting a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree.

2014 NCAA DII Tennis National Championship Full Video Recap

2014 NCAA DII Tennis National Championship Full Video Recap

The academic and sports scholarship system in the United States


American universities offer sports scholarships for students with a talent for sports. Whether this talent is in golf, football or tennis, success at the regional level is a prerequisite. An in-depth assessment of your sporting and academic level will make it possible to present you with universities that match your profile.

The scholarship may cover some or all of your annual university costs (tuition, accommodation, food, training, tournaments, clothes and equipment).

The HDN Academy will help you prepare so you can achieve your highest sporting potential and get the best scholarship possible. 

Our partner, Athletics Partner, which specialises in US placements, will help you find the best university based on your sporting and academic profile. 

Athletics Partner: the HDN Academy’s partner since 2003


With its wealth of personal and professional experience, the Athletics Partner team will guide you in your choices throughout your course.

It will take care of all the administrative arrangements required to integrate you into the university that meets your criteria, so all you have to do is past the entrance tests (TOEFL and SAT).

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